5 Things To Do Today to Keep Your Pet Safe

5 Things To Do Today to Keep Your Pet Safe

5 Things to Do Today to Keep Your Pet Safe

As a pet parent, keeping your pet safe can be cause for worry and raise lots of questions about what is the ‘right’ thing today. In this blog post, we take a look at the five things that you can do today to check-in on your pet’s wellbeing and ensure your four-legged friend stays safe this winter.

As the evenings get darker and Halloween approaches we’re taking a look at what you can do to keep your pet safe this winter.

1. Buckle Up for Safe Car Journeys With Your Pet

When travelling by car with your pet, it’s really important to make sure they are safe and secure while you are driving. With darker days upon us any distractions while driving can be potentially hazardous. This week we recommend taking a look at your in-car safety for your pet.

We particularly love the Crash-Tested Car Harness. This crash tested dog car harness provide extra peace of mind when travelling with your dog by car. It directly links to the car seat belt system with no extra connection clip required.

However you travel, keeping your pet safe and secure while driving is really important for both you, your pet and any other passengers in the car.

2. Be Safe, Be Seen When Walking Your Dog

With shorter, darker days staying safe when out and out about means being seen.

This week, review your pet’s collars, harnesses, coats and leads and upgrade if necessary to a high-vis, reflective or battery powered option and make sure your pet is visible to passing motorists and other road users.

3. Promote Calm & Relaxation

If your pet is easily stressed or anxious, darker evenings and upcoming Halloween Festivities can lead to distress for your pet. Fireworks and sudden loud noises can startle your pet and cause them to run and become disorientated. We recommend create a safe den for your pet to retreat to during stressful times.

For dogs that need a little extra help, our range of calming aids can really help to reassure and relax your pet.

4. Check Your Pet’s ID Tag

In the event that your pet does get spooked this Halloween, having an ID Tag with your contact details will be essential to helping your best friend find her way home again.

Check your pet’s ID tag this week – make sure it is fitting securely and that the contact details are correct.

5. Protect from Nasty Parasites

Finally on our must-do list this week is to check your pet’s skin and coat for signs of fleas, ticks and intestinal worms.

Visit our online Pet Care Advice Centre for more expert advice on how to identify and protect your pet from nasty parasites.

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