Irish pet retailer creates 20 jobs in the Northwest

Irish pet retailer creates 20 jobs in the Northwest

Petmania has announced new stores opening in Roscommon and Mayo.

IRISH owned pet-retailer, Petmania is creating 20 new jobs in the Northwest. The new recruitment drive comes as the Irish-owned pet store announces today, that two new stores will open later in 2021 located at Centre Point Retail Park in Roscommon Town and Westpoint Shopping Centre in Westport.

The news today, follows Petmania Sligo, whose doors opened in June, the latest pet super-store and grooming studio in the Petmania chain. The expansion in the Northwest is part of a major three-year expansion program that saw the pet retailer launch an online store and upgrade three of its retail outlets in 2020. The expansion of Ireland’s largest pet retail stores means at least 20 new positions will be created across the Northwest, bringing the total number employed by the company to more than 200 people.

Petmania is currently recruiting for a number of positions and applications have opened for store managers, assistant managers, and experienced dog-groomers. Several sales and pet care advisor roles will be announced in the coming weeks. Full details for these roles as well as positions in Petmania’s new Northwest stores and how to apply for them will be available on

Emily Miller, Marketing Manager of Petmania said,

“We are so excited to be expanding our stores to Roscommon and Mayo. Our first North-western store in Sligo is doing brilliantly and we are very much looking forward to growing our Petmania family across Ireland. We share our customers’ passion for pets and are here to help all pet-parents keep their animals safe and well with excellent advice, the best of nutritional supplies and pet-care accessories.”

The new Petmania stores will be open seven days a week and features state-of-the-art dog-grooming studios, weight check facilities, specialist pet food and nutritional supplies plus accessories, bedding, safety equipment and much more.

Petmania is proud of its community outreach programs and actively get involved with local events including school visits, meet and greets, its pet-health campaign ‘Operation TransPAWmation’, Puppy of the Year’ competition and partnering with local animal shelters. Petmania is setting the standards in pet care throughout Ireland, with intensive training for all its pet care advisors and an internal Grooming Training Programme for their Professional Dog Groomers.

The specialist pet retailer’s online store offers nationwide home delivery, grooming appointments and lots of pet care advice such as a cat advice centre. They recently launched the Petmania Puppy Club, a free online resource for new pet parents. For more information, or to view the current vacancies at Petmania Ireland visit:

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