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Find out news and what’s happening in-store at your local Petmania, or get up-to-date advise on caring for your pet in our online pet care information centre.

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All the goings-on, news, events and happenings at Petmania stores nationwide.

golden retriever dog eating out of a bowl of food

What Does the Nutritional Information on a Pet Food Label Mean?

Understanding a food label and being able to decipher what it means is a really helpful and easy way... read more

Happy kitten cat likes being stroked by woman's hand. The British Shorthair

20 Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Cats are fascinating creatures, with many unique quirks, behaviours and history. Their mysterious personalities and cute looks makes them... read more

Kitten head with paws up peeking over blank white sign placard. Pet kitten curiously peeking behind white background. Tabby baby cat showing placard template.Long web banner with copy space

Settling Your Kitten Into Her New Home

Welcoming your kitten into her new home Welcoming a new kitten into your home is an exciting time, but it... read more

Gray Cat Enjoying Fresh Catnip Outside

What is Catnip and How Does It Affect My Cat?

Many people have heard of catnip, but may not know what it actually does to cats or the science... read more

A ginger cat sleeps in his soft cozy bed on a floor carpet

Where Do Cats Like To Sleep? A Guide To Your Kitty’s Sleeping Habits

Whether it’s in their bed, behind the sofa, or on the window sill—cats have the ability to settle down... read more

Life Stages of Cat Blog Banner

Life Stages of a Cat

Cats can live amazingly long lives; up to 25 years! Cats go through many different stages throughout their life,... read more

English cocker spaniel dog taking a shower with shampoo, soap and water in a bathtub

Looking After Your Dog’s Skin and Coat

Here at Petmania Grooming Studios, we are always assessing your dog’s health and wellbeing while they’re with us. One... read more

Pet sitter enjoying walking with dogs outdoors in the sunshine

Who’s Minding Your Pet? 5 Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter

Taking your four legged friend away with you on a beautiful holiday might sound like the dream, but unfortunately... read more

Puppy Care Classes

FREE Class for New Puppy Owners

For anyone thinking of getting a puppy it's a big responsibility which can give the more amazing rewards as your bundle of fur grows up to become your best friend. Puppy Care Classes are especially for those who have recently gotten, or who are about to get, a new puppy.

Puppy Care Classes

Covering the following essentials:

  1. Diet & Nutrition
  2. Grooming
  3. Parasite Control
  4. Exercise & Play
  5. House Training
  6. Socialisation & Training
  7. Puppy Essentials

News Flash: The class is free, but with limited capacity!

Our Puppy Care Class takes place on the first Saturday* of every month, from 10am – 11am, at Petmania stores nationwide and pre-registration is advised. You can register in-store at your local Petmania.


FREE puppy pack for every puppy worth almost €30 from SEVEN when you attend our puppy care class.

Upcoming Class Dates

note: class times may be subject to change locally, please confirm with your local store.

Pet Care Advice Centre

Care & Advice on Looking After Your Pet

Browse our online hub for pet care advice, nutrition, grooming and information on choosing the right pet to join your family.

Adoption Centre

Meet our Rescue Partners

Thinking of getting a dog or cat? Meet our partner rescue centres, find out about our next in-store adoption day, and discover how you can offer a forever home to a dog or cat in need.

Petmania Adoption Centre

We believe that every animal deserves to have a safe and loving home. We are committed to supporting local animal adoption agencies that share this ethos. If you are thinking about getting a dog or cat, we urge you to consider adoption first, and invite you to come along to our next in-store adoption day.

In-Store Adoption Events

We regularly host in-store adoption events with our partner rescue centres. These normally take place at the weekend, and are a great opportunity to meet with the dogs and cats seeking forever homes, and to start the process of adoption.

For details our next adoption day near you, follow us on Facebook, or click here to meet our Rescue Partners.

Operation TransPAWmation

FREE Weight Checks for Dogs & Cats

We offer FREE weight checks for all dogs and cats in-store. No appointment necessary.

Operation TransPAWmation

Operation TransPAWmation returns to Petmania this February and March and this year we are asking Pet Owners to think about the #HealthierHabits they could introduce to help prevent their dogs and cats from gaining excess weight.

It isn’t news that obesity in dogs and cats is a growing problem with 3 in 5 dogs and 40% of cats now showing signs of being overweight. If your pet develops obesity it will shorten its life expectancy and can lead to long term health issues like arthritis, ligament damage or cardio-respiratory problems.

FREE Weight Checks

Bring your dog or cat to Petmania during February and March 2020 for a FREE Weight and Body Condition Score Check, pick up your FREE booklet containing a food diary, exercise hints and tips, suggested #HealthierHabits and exclusive discounts! PLUS! Your dog or cat will go into a draw to WIN 3 months food from Royal Canin!

We offer FREE weight checks for all dogs and cats in-store. No appointment necessary.

Dog Grooming at Petmania

Find our about in-store dog grooming services, now booking for all dogs from 4 months of age.

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