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Find out news and what’s happening in-store at your local Petmania, or get up-to-date advise on caring for your pet in our online pet care information centre.

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All the goings-on, news, events and happenings at Petmania stores nationwide.


Skin Sensitivities & Allergies in Dogs

A dog may have itchy or sensitive skin for many different reasons. Both genetic and  environmental factors can lead to... read more

small dog scratching himself due to hot spots

Treating Hot Spots on Your Dog

Canine hot spots are a common health condition in dogs. They are red, inflamed skin lesions that appear quickly, ooze,... read more

close up shot of cat playing with a cat wand on the ground-2

Keeping Your Cat Mentally Stimulated

Regular exercise is essential to keeping your cat fit and healthy, however, keeping them mentally stimulated is just as important... read more

Preventing Tear Staining in Dogs

You may notice your dog often at some point in their lives develop what is known as ‘tear staining’, a... read more

border collie dog playing frisbee outside mentally stimulated

Providing Mental Stimulation for Dogs

It’s essential that your dog not only gives their body a work-out, but their brain too! Mental stimulation is a key... read more

jack russel dog scratching ear due to itchy skin outside-1

Managing Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

A dog may have itchy or sensitive skin for many different reasons. Both genetic and environmental factors can lead to skin... read more

Why Is My Dog Shedding?

Shedding is a natural process for dogs and an essential aspect of their skin and fur health. Dogs rid themselves... read more

Preventing Tangles and Matting In Your Dog

When it comes to your dog’s health and wellbeing, there’s no doubt that grooming plays an essential role. It can... read more

Puppy Care Classes

FREE Class for New Puppy Owners

For anyone thinking of getting a puppy it's a big responsibility which can give the more amazing rewards as your bundle of fur grows up to become your best friend. Puppy Care Classes are especially for those who have recently gotten, or who are about to get, a new puppy.

Puppy Care Classes

Covering the following essentials:

  1. Diet & Nutrition
  2. Grooming
  3. Parasite Control
  4. Exercise & Play
  5. House Training
  6. Socialisation & Training
  7. Puppy Essentials

News Flash: The class is free, but with limited capacity!

Our Puppy Care Class takes place on the first Saturday* of every month, from 10am – 11am, at Petmania stores nationwide and pre-registration is advised. You can register in-store at your local Petmania.


FREE puppy pack for every puppy worth almost €30 from SEVEN when you attend our puppy care class.

Upcoming Class Dates

note: class times may be subject to change locally, please confirm with your local store.

Pet Care Advice Centre

Care & Advice on Looking After Your Pet

Browse our online hub for pet care advice, nutrition, grooming and information on choosing the right pet to join your family.

Adoption Centre

Meet our Rescue Partners

Thinking of getting a dog or cat? Meet our partner rescue centres, find out about our next in-store adoption day, and discover how you can offer a forever home to a dog or cat in need.

Petmania Adoption Centre

We believe that every animal deserves to have a safe and loving home. We are committed to supporting local animal adoption agencies that share this ethos. If you are thinking about getting a dog or cat, we urge you to consider adoption first, and invite you to come along to our next in-store adoption day.

In-Store Adoption Events

We regularly host in-store adoption events with our partner rescue centres. These normally take place at the weekend, and are a great opportunity to meet with the dogs and cats seeking forever homes, and to start the process of adoption.

For details our next adoption day near you, follow us on Facebook, or click here to meet our Rescue Partners.

Operation TransPAWmation

FREE Weight Checks for Dogs & Cats

We offer FREE weight checks for all dogs and cats in-store. No appointment necessary.

Operation TransPAWmation

Operation TransPAWmation returns to Petmania this February and March and this year we are asking Pet Owners to think about the #HealthierHabits they could introduce to help prevent their dogs and cats from gaining excess weight.

It isn’t news that obesity in dogs and cats is a growing problem with 3 in 5 dogs and 40% of cats now showing signs of being overweight. If your pet develops obesity it will shorten its life expectancy and can lead to long term health issues like arthritis, ligament damage or cardio-respiratory problems.

FREE Weight Checks

Bring your dog or cat to Petmania during February and March 2020 for a FREE Weight and Body Condition Score Check, pick up your FREE booklet containing a food diary, exercise hints and tips, suggested #HealthierHabits and exclusive discounts! PLUS! Your dog or cat will go into a draw to WIN 3 months food from Royal Canin!

We offer FREE weight checks for all dogs and cats in-store. No appointment necessary.

Dog Grooming at Petmania

Find our about in-store dog grooming services, now booking for all dogs from 4 months of age.

You've just added this product to the basket:

Recommended between grooms to help maintain your dog's coat condition & to keep clean and fresh!
Terms & Conditions apply. See our Conditions of Service for more information.
Wash &
Blow Dry
Treatment Includes
Cleansing Bath
High Velocity Blow Dry
T&C Apply. Final prices will be determined by dog breed, size and coat type.
In instances where your dog's coat is matted or long, your groomer may recommend additional treatments. 
T&C Apply. Final price determined by dog size, breed and coat type.
Wash & Blow Dry
Recommended to maintain your dog's coat condition and keep them clean & fresh!
Cleansing Bath
Gentle Blow Dry
Treatment Includes
In instances where your dog's coat is matted or long, your groomer may recommend additional treatments.