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Helping You Care for Your Pet Reptiles

Whether you’re new to reptile keeping, and wondering where to start, or you’re an experienced herpetologist, here at the Petmania Reptile Care Advice Centre we are delighted to assist you with all your pet care needs.

Here we profile the most popular reptiles to keep as pets. We will look at what they like to eat, where like like to live and what kind of interaction they need or don’t need.
Like all pets, before you buy a reptile we recommend you do your research on the type of reptile you’re interested in and see if they suit your living situation. For instance for children, spiders would not be a great first pet as they really should not be petted, also some lizards are totally nocturnal and won’t come out until night. These are all things to be aware of before you choose to buy a reptile for a pet.
Once you build a relationship with your reptile and get to know it, reptiles can make brilliant pets. We would recommend that and adult is always present when children are handling any reptiles.
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