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Dog Grooming
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Petmania Grooming Studios Treatment Menu

Dog grooming isn't only about making your dog look good - that's just a natural benefit of looking after your dog's skin and coat, every day.

At Petmania Grooming Studios our Professional Dog Groomers are here to help you manage your dog's skin and coat every day to help prevent issues like:

  • Knots and matting in the coat
  • Skin problems
  • Eye and ear infection
  • Overgrown nails and related paw injuries
  • Parasite infestations
  • Gum & dental disease
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Natural Coat Care

We know that not every dog is the same and because of that, one shampoo will not fit all. Helping you to care for you dog, we are delighted to introduce our extensive new range of 100% Natural Treatments, giving you more choice as to how you manage concerns like sensitive skin, allergies, aching muscles or excessive shedding.


Aromatherapy Bath & Styling

Using a range of aromatherapy treatments to relax and rejuvenate your dog, choose from one of three signature blends, made from 100% plant-based ingredients, including Neem Oil, Aloe Vera and Sea Kelp.

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100% Organic Bath & Styling

Using only 100% Organic, vegan product, which is free from dyes, parabens or harsh chemicals, your dog will be left with silky smooth fur and deeply hydrated skin.

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De-Shedding Therapy Bath & Styling

Especially developed to aid the natural shedding process and reduce excess hair by up to 90%!

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Muscle & Joint Therapy Bath

Perfect for very sporty dogs, or those with post-op injury or mobility related issues. 

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Skin Soothing Therapy Bath & Styling

Especially for dogs with sensitive skin, or those that suffer with hot spots, blemishes or irritations.

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Everyday Coat Care

We've updated some of your favourite treatments to put even more spring in your dog's step!

Signature Beauty Package

Enhance your dog's natural coat with a colour enhancing bath and hydrating conditioner followed by our advanced paw care treatment, ear clean and blueberry facial to remove staining.

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Total Wellbeing Package

A top-to-toe package to bark about! Now includes our colour enhancing shampoo, advanced paw treatment and a dental foam wash as well as a preventative flea, tick & worming treatment.

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Wash and Dry

A regular bath is essential to keep you dog clean and fresh. Shorter haired breeds should be washed at least once a month. Longer haired breeds should alternate a wash and dry between full grooms every other month.

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Petmania Standard Groom

Standard Dog Groom

A full wash, dry, nail trim, happy hounds ear clean, brightening eye cleanse, breed standard hair cut and conditioning spray.

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Puppy Care at Petmania

At Petmania Grooming Studios, we know that your puppy is still exploring the world, getting to know new sounds, scents and experiences; and in need of extra gentle care for his sensitive young skin. That's why we put puppy's first with our Puppy Care Packages designed to help your puppy become accustomed to being groomed, and teaching you how to care for his skin and coat at home. 

Puppys First Visit

Puppy's First Visit

For all puppies up to 32 weeks.
Puppy's first trip to the grooming studio can be scary for both puppy and puppy-parent. Our Puppy's First Visit will introduce puppy to the sights, sounds and scents of our Grooming Studio.

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Puppy Groom at Petmania Grooming Studios

Puppy Groom

For puppies up to 32 weeks. 
Especially tailored for the delicate care of your puppy, s/he will be treated to a gentle bath with our extra mild puppy shampoo, followed by a nail trim, ear clear & pluck, brightening eye cleanse, breed standard hair cut, blow dry and conditioning spray.

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Individual Treatments

Coat Maintaining Brush-out

The perfect  complement to your a-home brushing regime, between grooms. 

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Individual Treatments

We understand that from time to time your dog may not need a full bath and styling, and that is why we offer a range of individual treatments. 
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All customers are asked to read the Petmania Grooming Studio Conditions of Service which are available here.
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